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    The truth is learning English in the environment does not speak English that takes a long time from 5 to 8 years. You can learn the right way as I do, practising 30 minutes a day with english courses, lessons, games, test.
how to learn english pronunciation

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pronunciation is the part of accent, including the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants, and words combinations. All people can learn new accent. If you practic, of course you can. Remembering that you can use your accent to say what you mean and how you mean it. You would better fairly quickly and with strong intonation, you will be understood more easily. There are 44 phonemic sounds in English pronunciation for spelling, trying to pronounce them everyday.
Vowels sounds test ʊ i: ɪ u »
Vowels sounds test e ə ɜ: ɔ:»
Vowels sounds test æ ʌ ɑ: ɒ»
Vowels sounds ɪə ʊə eə əʊ»
Vowels sounds eɪ ɔɪ aɪ aʊ»
Consonants test»

how to learn English speaking & vocabulary

speaking & vocabulary

Would you like to learn english this way? Checking It. How do I speak English fluently? First, I learn english pronunciation and accent. Second, I do NOT study grammar too much, studying grammar will only slow you down and confuse you. Third, I Do NOT study single vocabulary, phrases instead, common phrases is good way to go. Fourth, I do NOT translate words meaning into my native language, I use google images for words meanings. Fifth, I practice english speaking what I hear, repeating movie subtitle, and taking a english shower – I submerge myself, Do NOT give up… never stop learning.

how to learn English grammar

english grammar

you’d better learn it for more professional purpose, toefl test, ielts test, scholarship, writer…